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Carver Vet Fund

The Carver Vet Fund allows us to cover the cost of care for those most in need. This is our "angel fund". When we have a patient who does not have the financial means to afford treatment, we use this fund to provide it.


Please consider contributing to this fund. You can donate online HERE.


This is a tax-deductible donation.


Want to show your support? Contribute $35.00 for a Carver Vet Fund Hoodie or $20.00 for a Tee.



Hope was found along the road as a stray by a community member. She had severe skin issues and was underweight. Her rescuer had the ability to provide a home and love, but needed help to be able to afford Hope's medical care. Using funds raised via the Carver Vet Fund, we were able to provide Hope with the care she needed. She went through a big transformation and is living the good life.

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