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High-Quality, Affordable Veterinary Care

    What people are saying...

    Black cat in an exam room


    "Dr. Jones was so sweet! My cats have had hyperthyroidism for years and he was the first vet to explain other symptoms that my kitties could possibly exhibit. Information that previous vets had never mentioned."

    Cat on a couch


    "Dr. Jones has been working with my cats for a couple of years. He is patient, kind, and thorough. He allows you to weigh all of your options in treatment. Most importantly, he is gentle, even with my more scared babies, and this puts the kitties and companions at ease! Highly recommend!"

    Black dog panting


    "Dr. Jones's commitment to affordable Vet care speaks volumes for service to community as well as animal care"


    "Dr. Jones is wonderful with my girl who is super nervous about everything when it comes to the vet and most vets do not understand her or have the patience for her. Dr. Jones does though and I would recommend him to all my friends for their four-legged family members."

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